6 Preschool Activity Ideas for the Classroom


Preschoolers are extremely active and are constantly on the move. Every preschool teacher knows what if feels like to have 20+ toddlers in one room and not knowingwhat to do in order to appease them. Here are some useful activities for that.

Tearing Paper Sheets Apart

Kids will always have fun tearing apart some paper sheets. If you want them to be calmed while doing it, turning it into a school project in which kids have to, later on, create a figure with the paper pieces will develop their creativity while improving kids’ fine motor skills.

Play Board Games

Playing board games is always a great option, and playing Connect-a-Four is just the way to go with kids. They might never learn the basics of the game, but at least they will get immersed into dropping the chips one on top of the other for long periods of time.

preschool activity crayons - 6 Preschool Activity Ideas for the Classroom

Finger Painting Projects

Kids love getting dirty and finger painting inside the classroom is just a treat for them. Give them some sheets of paper with an image or letter silhouette for them to paint just using their fingers and some paint.

This will allow them to expand their minds and get creative with color combinations. Remember to give them an incentive if done right.

Build with plastic cups

When paired with wooden sticks, building forts with plastic cups, and reaching unimaginable heights for kids, is a great way to kill some time inside the classroom on a rainy day while also developing kids’ motor skills, balance, and creativity.

It will show who might be the next big architect in the future.

Explore the environment

On a sunny day, set an exploring session to the playground and ask kids to gather different natural objects that may catch their attention such as rocks, leaves, or flowers. Then ask them to bring the items to the classroom for a deeper explanation on what everything is.

As a teacher, it’s nice to have a different set of activities and classroom projects to have kids under control while they learn new stuff in the process. Help kids to have a better approach to things and implement these tips in order to become a better education practitioner.