6 Classroom Managing Tricks for Preschool Teachers


Having one toddler under control is hard, but managing 10+ kids in a classroom is definitely a whole different experience.

For education practitioners to get the opportunity to manage lots of toddlers, here we will share some classroom managing techniques to get kids in a calmed state and ready to learn.

Be Strategic When Sorting the Classroom

While preschool classrooms may seem hectic and chaotic due to having to store loads of books, toys, blocks, working materials, and more, it’s important to design a strategic plan when sorting the classroom.

Quiet spaces like the reading area can’t be next to the play area, where all the toys and coloring stuff are scattered around.

Grab Their Attention

Once the classroom turns into a battlefield and everything gets hectic, it’s time to grab kids’ attention and bring them down little by little until they are finally calmed and ready to work. Using a stuffed animal or a puppet may be a good idea when trying to get kids’ attention.

Make them follow everything the puppet says and enjoy the resulting peace.

Create a Fun Routine to Follow

Set a schedule for every planned activity when dealing with toddlers and make it fun enough for them to follow it without resistance. Once kids are the ones reminding you about the routine and working schedule, your work as a teacher is complete.

Manage Crisis in A Creative Way

When dealing with angry or sulky kids, getting creative in order to calm them down is a must. While a simple shout demanding kids to calm down may do the job, having a bubble bottle to help angry kids get distracted and happy again in no time is the best idea.

Enjoy What You Do

Fall in love with your work. No matter how hard it might be, being a preschool teacher is full of nice and heart-warming rewards. The more you enjoy the process, the more people will love and respect you.

Label Everything

When it’s time to pick up the toys, crayons, or books, it’s a nice trick to label the objects and shelves with the same picture to help preschoolers build responsibility through a simple dynamic.

Following and implementing any of the managing tricks listed above may come in handy for preschool teachers. Get the best out of kids’ strengths and weaknesses while also enjoying a peaceful environment.