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St. Catherine Labouré is a US-based education-related website founded by Talon Sweeney. The website is catered towards education practitioners, parents, and anyone interested in preschool education for children who want to improve their performance inside the classroom.

This website started back in 2017 after our CEO and Chief Editor, Mr. Sweeney, was teaching preschoolers and noticed many of his co-workers didn’t have any source of reliable information with the right tools for them to improve their job.

Find Reliable and Interesting Content

In order to help education practitioners and parents have access to reliable sources of information, St. Catherine Labouré was eventually founded by Sweeney.

From useful articles discussing the importance of preschool education for children in the US to how to appease a classroom full of toddlers, we have the best content for preschool professionals.

Here you will find loads of tips and tricks to deal with preschoolers and how to have a better working relationship between teaching peers.

You can also find a wide array of education-related topics, such as project ideas for the kids to develop their creativity, story-telling strategies to develop their cognitive skills, and more.

Whether the knowledge might be imparted inside or outside the classroom, kids will learn the basic concepts of kindness, patience, and obedience, which will give them a sense of self-confidence that’s new to them.

We’re focused on getting the most out of kids’ strengths and weaknesses while teaching them how to be responsible and independent.

Our Goals

At St. Catherine Labouré, our main goal is to become a trustworthy source of information for everyone involved in preschool education including parents, other family members, and teachers in general, no matter the level of education they impart.

Dealing with young kids’ minds is not an easy task, and here at St. Catherine Labouré, we certainly know it.

Sharing informative and fun-to-learn content is vital for us as a magazine devoted to developing better education resources and techniques for preschool professionals, as it helps them and parents to mold kids’ minds, developing their language and cognitive skills in no time.

We invite our audience to join the community in St. Catherine Labouré and help our site to grow and expand its reach to a wider and new audience who’s willing and eager to learn new things while kids learn as well.

Having a reciprocal learning experience between the teachers and preschoolers will definitely enrich both parties over time.

If you are interested in what St. Catherine Labouré has to share with the preschool education community, it’s time for you to start checking our site, read our content, and share your thoughts on the matter.

Get in touch with us for more information on what we will publish next and what our goals are for the future.